Weekly Grocery Haul


This is probably, hands down, one of the most asked question I get from friends, family, and my clients: What the heck do you buy at the grocery store??

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here it is!

As a 20 something-year-old trying to juggle a million and one things, I need quick and easy recipes for the week and a kitchen stocked with yummy treats so that I can get through the days ahead. I rarely eat out because I am trying to save money and I like to know what I am putting into my body.

Being in the fitness industry, as a bikini competitor, has made me even more aware of what’s in my food and the nutrients I need to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. Going out on the reg doesn’t fit into that lifestyle, so I have made it a priority to do weekly grocery shopping and meal prep to avoid those meals out. Sure, on occasion I will grab dinner with my friends or stop and pick something up on my way home, but for the most part, I COOK!

This week on the blog I will be sharing the recipes that go along with this list.

On the menu this week:

Crockpot shredded beef enchiladas with rice and beans

Crockpot chicken tortellini soup

Breakfast for Dinner

Baked chicken over veggies and rice

Crockpot apple crumble

The top of my list is dedicated to the actual groceries, broken out by the section of the store, while the bottom is where I write down the meal layout for the week. See example below.


I always let myself get one treat! This helps me keep my sanity and honestly not get bored with eating at home. My treat for this trip was the apple crumble crockpot recipe which I will share soon…

I navigate the store from the outside perimeter and work my way in, avoiding the snack aisles until the very end for my treat.

I always start with produce:


yellow onion




salad bag





berries (whatever is on sale)



Then I cruise the meat section:


6-8 chicken breasts & thighs

2-3lbs on chuck roast

Normally, I have more protein but because I had so much leftover from the week before I was set!

Next, I wander to the refridgerated stuff:


three cheese & sausage tortellini

plain, nonfat Greek yogurt

Now I prepare to head into the abyss of the center aisles!


vegetarian refried beans

low sodium chicken broth

low sodium beef broth

bay leaves

gluten free baking flour mix

505 green chile

red enchilada sauce

Finally, I will grab any random items I need like paper towel, toothpaste, etc. This week I didn’t need much as I already had many of my staple items leftover from the week before.

Coming Soon… What’s in My Pantry & Refridgerator/Freezer! This will cover all of, what I call, the basics.



The key to keeping your shopping on a budget and healthy is going in with a plan!

Every week I plan to make 2-3 meals that yield about 4 servings, each.  I find the recipes, take a picture of the ingredients and directions, then write down what I need from the store.

Fail to plan; plan to fail!


I hope this helps guide your grocery store adventures!

xo~ Taryn


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