Things Every Woman Should Do Before She Gets Married


I know that God has a plan for my life. I am learning to trust Him more and give up control. Is there someone out there for me to compliment the person I am and create a family with? Who flipping knows?!? Until that day happens, I am enjoying the unmarried life and reflecting on some of the amazing things I have done as a single woman and some others on my bucket list before this chapter of my life is over!

I would love to hear from you on this topic! Please comment below with things you would put on this list!


Date – like really date. Get to know new people of all different backgrounds. Learn things you like and don’t like and how you want to be treated in a relationship. The best part of dating is you don’t have to settle.

Create a solid SQUAD – having a good group of friends (both sexes) that you can call your own is so important. Do not rely on a significant other to provide you with this because once they are gone, the friends usually are too.

And party like it’s 1999 with your squad – whatever this means for your group, do it! Stay out late, eat foods that are bad for you, drink the entire bottle of wine, and totally be in the moment with your best friends. If you plan on getting married and pursuing a family, this is the last time where you can be completely selfish and not think about what anyone else wants.

Build up your savings – it’s not as fun as the other items on this list, but o so gratifying to be able to stand on your own two feet.


Learn how to do your own laundry – the right way! To preserve the outfits your are spending your hard earned money on, let’s move on from dumping everything in on the cold cycle and calling it a day. Lol

Learn some simple, homemade recipes for your busy weeknight schedule.

And an impressive recipe for special occasions!


Travel alone– it’s one thing to be alone in a city you are familiar with, but to be alone in a city you don’t know is even more liberating.

Conquer a fear – big or small, go for it.

Care for something living – whether it is a plant, fish, cat or dog…. You will be amazed what this type of responsibility will do for your heart.


Splurge on something nice for yourself – something that brings a smile to your face when you see it and that you know is way too expensive, but this is for you! Mine was a $400 vacuum. No judgment on what your piece is.

Learn something new – try a new hobby or find something that has always interested you. For me, I found a new love for photography in my late 20’s.

Spend some time thinking about what you want– are kids a yes or no? Is the big career in a big city what calls your heart? The last thing I want to be is unsure about these things before I get married.


Jacket//Turtleneck//Jeans//Flats//Watch//Necklace & Ring (bought in small NM jewelry store)

Learn how to say no –  when you learn to confidently say no to certain things you will begin to have more room for the good things that God wants you to say yes to. Stop feeling so obligated to say yes to every outing or event. If you want to stay home and do absolutely nothing, that is your prerogative.

And finally, learn how to love yourself – spending time alone and enjoying your own company is a good step to start being comfortable in your own skin.

I am taking the time before I get married to be a little selfish and experience life in all it has to offer. I think doing these things will help me become the best version of myself for the person I am meant to be with forever.


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One thought on “Things Every Woman Should Do Before She Gets Married

  1. I think these are absolutely true. I am so glad you have put this out here. There’s days I have the guilt for not chasing the relationships. I have learned so much more about me with moving to a new area where I knew no one and learning to be on my own. But thank for these posts. They are awesome to read and agree with.

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