Did Someone Say Turtleneck? : Part II


As promised, I have taken the turtleneck and kicked it up a notch!


A little plaid, a little fleece lining, and a touch of flannel. That’s all it takes to make any outfit Colorado Chic.


It’s amazing how many different ways you can wear this simple white turtleneck. I have dressed it up and down while keeping every look true to my comfy style.


This entire outfit was a soft cotton blend of awesomeness!


Because of the beautiful day, I decided to be daring and grab a long cotton-blend pencil skirt and tucked my turtleneck in. Before heading out, I threw on my high black boots and this affordable and cozy flannel vest!


Dressing up doesn’t need to be expensive or painful. Take the simple pieces you love and get creative! Don’t be afraid to throw things together that may not make complete sense, I do it all the time. hahaha


Be on the lookout for more turtlenecks this season!


xo ~ Taryn


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