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Since the beginning of the year, I have spent a lot more time reading and reflecting than ever before.  Although this is becoming my new favorite past time, I seriously can’t fit it in every day because this girl has things to do! What I can seem to get in is a Podcast. These are perfect for your commute, running errands, cleaning the house, or trying to fall asleep.

My current favorites:

The LadyGang – This one stars three pseudo-celebrities that talk about their life on the D list. I look forward to my Tuesday morning commute because I know they will take me back to my college days and make me feel like I’m sitting in the sorority house gossiping with the girls about life. Go check this one out for some light-hearted entertainment!


The MFCEO Project – Have you ever wanted to know how to be a boss? Like without any of the fluff? I know as an aspiring business owner I want to know the real deal without the BS. Andy Frisella breaks down how he started his multimillion dollar business and how he continues to have success. My only criticism is the amount of cursing in each episode, but I continue to tune in because once you get past the strong language, his content is great!


Missing Richard Simmons – This one is a wild card, for sure but if you give it a chance, I promise it will entertain you and make you contemplate life a little bit. Richard Simmons transformed lives on a regular through his compassion and big personality. The series is only six episodes but packed with drama and inspiration. I finished the last episode wanting more….


Action Church – I listen to this one when I need some God time or if I am traveling and can’t make it to church on Sunday. Pastor Justin Dailey is a young, vibrant and captivating speaker. If you are new to religion or a long-time believer, this podcast has the power to speak to you! There is a marriage series on there that I love! Even though I am not married, I thought it was a great place to hear reaffirming messages about having a healthy, Christ-centered relationship.


TedTalks – These are short, inspirational and educational talks by people from all walks of life. I have learned something from every single one I have ever listened to.


Bucci Radio, The Model Health Show, and Mind Pump – All of these are great for those looking to educate themselves in the world of health and fitness. Common myths are debunked and knowledge bombs are dropped to help step up your game!

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Sleep With Me – Do you ever have those nights where you can’t fall asleep because your mind won’t turn off? I am a huge fan of natural remedies for our everyday problems. This podcast uses the power of boredom to help you fall asleep fast! My trainer turned me onto this the night before my first bodybuilding competition. I was an emotional wreck and couldn’t fall asleep to save my life. She turned this on in our hotel room and within minutes I was out like a light!

I hope one of these speaks to you! Happy Podcasting 🙂

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