My Long Distance Relationship


Friendship. A word that has gotten me through the worst times in my life and the best. My friendships have evolved from BFF necklaces and sleepovers to wine nights and deep conversations about life.

In this post, I want to describe a very specific friendship. You know, the one that spans a lifetime, the one that has lasted after multiple moves, many relationships, and various life circumstances. I am talking about my childhood long distance best friend, Amy.

amytaryn3(Amy and I, circa 2004)

We met in an after-school program in 2nd grade. I honestly don’t remember who made the first move or what we even talked about to break the ice, but I’m sure it was epic!

That day marked the beginning of a 20+ year story that we are still writing. Amy and I, just like every other relationship, have had our struggles. Going to the same elementary, middle, high school and college together, we were bound to have some blowout fights, and trust me, we did. Some over the dumbest things like if I could bake a three-layer cake and others much deeper and more painful. Amy was my first experience of loving someone other than my family. She was/is my sister. What defines a sister isn’t just blood, it’s love. And when I think of Amy I think of love.

Friendships, like our romantic relationships, need to be taken with the same caution, respect, and commitment. Amy taught me, through actions and reactions, what it means to be a true friend. She is the kind of person I wish everyone could have as a best friend. She would do anything for the people she loves. She will motivate and inspire you in ways you didn’t think possible and help you to push yourself to limits you never dreamed. She is a role model to me and so many other’s that she meets.


(Us the day before my 1st bodybuilding show- For those that don’t know, Amy is my coach! She flew down for the entire week before this show to help me stay sane and prepared.)

Because life happens and your best friend can’t move to every city that calls your heart, long distance friendships are a thing many of us are familiar with. In college, Amy moved to Idaho and I moved to Kentucky. From there, we called a few other cities home before landing where we are at now. Unfortunately, that city is still a plane ride away from each other. I wish so badly I could drive down the street or, even better, walk next door and there she would be! All I can say is, thank goodness for phones and the internet.


(Here we are with my car packed up about to drive to Tucson for my competition. We had a blast on this trip!)

Our lives have been separated by miles and miles for like 8 or 9 years, but we make an effort to take part in each other’s lives. We make it a point to check in and see how the other is doing, and when we are home for holidays, we carve out time to do nothing or go be creepy gym rats together. Long distance friendships are inevitable, and they can be great if you take the time to nurture them. I will admit, I fail Amy on many occasions, and she forgives me each time, picking up the conversation right where we left off.


(Us at home for Christmas, 2015)

Our relationship is one of a kind. Many people are shocked when they see recent pictures of us together or hear that we still talk. Even better is when I get to tell them that she is my bodybuilding coach and helped physically shape me (literally, haha) into the woman I am today.

If you are reading this and can relate to having a long distance best friend, pick up the phone and FaceTime them or call/text! It’s amazing what talking to your bestie can do for your soul.

XO ~ 405204231270418120117


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