How to Fix a Broken Makeup Compact


That moment you drop your brand new makeup compact…

About a year ago I walked into one of my favorite stores, Sephora, to pick up the raved about Becca highlighter in Champagne Pop. I was seriously so excited to get home and try this bad boy out.         Side Note: It’s funny talking about this highlighter like it’s some life-altering substance because it’s a shimmery powder that makes you look and feel like a J. Lo music video, circa 2001!


I wore this highlighter like it was going out of style. One morning, as I was applying my J.Lo powder, the worst thing happened. I DROPPED IT! As I picked up every last crumb I could manage to get off the floor I started to cry.  I know, I know, a little dramatic but my $40 highlighter dream was lying in shambles on my bathroom floor and I was livid AND instantly depressed. HAHA

Fast forward to now. As I was scrolling through Pinterest I came across an article on how to fix a broken powder compact! Are you kidding me? I have been Beccahighlighterless for months and this was out there on the interwebs just chilling???!! GTFO. Although a bit hesitant to put rubbing alcohol all over my favorite highlighter, I realized I had nothing to lose. I hadn’t used the compact in months.

Below you will find the instructions that basically saved my life and allowed me to get back into the highlighter game. And yes, it actually works!

To get started you will need the following:

broken makeup compact

rubbing alcohol

something to stir with

paper towel


Step 1: I used the lid of the alcohol bottle and filled it about halfway to start. (You may need more depending on how big your compact is). Slowly pour over your broken compact powder and stir until a paste is formed.


Step 2: Continue to stir/press powder while adding a little alcohol. You are trying to get to a pretty liquid consistency so you can spread the powder evenly in the compact.


Step 3: Once you have reached a smooth consistency you can stop and set aside to dry. I left mine overnight and the next morning it was ready to go!


This easy trick has seriously saved my wallet and makeup collection! I hope you all can benefit from it as well and get back to looking glam. 

xo~ Taryn

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