How to Cut Your Own Hair

wet hair 2

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, What My Deaf Dog Has Taught Me About Love, I cut my own hair! hahaha. I will not say I am great by any means, but I get the job done.

Enjoy this tutorial along with some awkward photos!

These are the steps to a very basic, blunt cut. I find this is a great way to freshen up my do without breaking the bank.

What you will need:

  1. Spray bottle with water

  2. Comb

  3. Hair tie

  4. Sharp Scissors, Sally’s Beauty Supply


Step One: Completely wet hair. It’s best if you just get out of the shower, but if that’s not the case you can use your spray bottle.


Step Two: Part your hair down the center.

parting hair 2

Step Three: Tightly tie hair directly under your chin with a hair tie.

cutting hair 2

Step Four: Decide where you would like to cut your hair. Hold it tightly between pointer and middle finger then cut right below. Sharp scissors are essential so you can cut a perfectly straight line!

cutting hair

Step Five: Untie hair and style!

wet hair finished

dry hair

This is incredibly simple and gives a great even cut. I have used it to change my look from long to short and more regularly for trims!

Never again will I pay $100  for a quick cut. This was one of the best DIY projects I stumbled upon on YouTube.

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