Falling in Love with This Season’s Colors


Fall colors make me want to cuddle up with a cup of cocoa and share memories with friends and family. Every girl changes her wardrobe to reflect the colder months coming, but do we all change up our makeup as well? I have scouted out a few of my favorite fall beauty must-haves from all price points to hopefully make them accessible for every budget!


Want to know a little tip? During the Holiday’s, many beauty brands put out gift sets which are usually filled with a variety of products. This is not only a great way to try new products, but they are usually at a phenomenal price. Last year, I picked up the BITE lipstick sample pack from Sephora for $20.00, and it was money well spent! It came with four lipsticks, and every color was a winner. They are easy to apply and long lasting.

My second beauty find is a drugstore lipstick! Welcome, Maybelline, Nude. They have an array of colors for every skin tone. Find your perfect nude shade at Target or any drugstore near you!


Moving onto a lip oil and lip liner. Denver is the dryest place I have every lived. It even tops Arizona! If you notice, the theme to almost everything in this post is centered around moisturizers! I found this amazing lip oil from Clarins that hydrates beyond belief. And to accompany my hydrated lip and gorgeous new lip shade, a lip liner from a drugstore brand, Essence. I use this lip liner as a lipstick under my actual lip shade to create a deeper color and make it stay, longer!



For my blush, I love the deep pink, mauve and brown shades for the fall with a dab of highlight to brighten up the face. This particular shade of blush is by Clinique, and my highlight is by Revlon.


By far, my favorite color to change is my nails. I stow away my hot pinks and pastels and pull out my deep reds, nudes, and fun purple/blue tones.



For my final items, I have a dry shampoo that I can’t get over by Batiste, my holy grail dry hand wax from Burt’s Bees, and a random item my mom has been giving me for years, Udderly Smooth Cream. I know, the last one sounds absurd but it’s a must have for the dry weather we have in store.





Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. With colors that are so rich,  I like to keep my overall makeup routine simple with that pop of color either on my cheeks or lips and always my nails!

xo ~ Taryn






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