My Dirty Little Secrets


I am a weird person.

I won’t even try to clickbait you with this post!

As I get older, I realize how true the above statement is. I am writing this post to humanize myself for people reading who may not know me, personally, and hopefully, give a laugh.


Here we go!

I brush my teeth while laying under the covers in bed OR I walk around and do other things while completing this task. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t have an answer. I have never enjoyed standing in front of the mirror watching myself do this awkward task! My boyfriend used to think this was bizarre, but now he knows it takes me at least 8-10 minutes. Click these links for my favorite sensitive whitening toothpaste and brush.


I hate saucy food. One of the grossest things I can think of is a bowl of pasta drenched in sauce or a salad covered in dressing. WOOF. Don’t get me wrong, I love sauce and condiments, they just have to be on the side where I can control the amount.

Speaking of sauce, I strongly dislike skinny noodles. Spaghetti size is awful but even worse is angel hair! It’s like eating slimy little worms. Not a fan. The closest I can get to this type of pasta is fettuccine noodles.


I really can’t stand cold water. Most people find it refreshing to drink an ice cold glass of water after a long workout or time outdoors on a hot day. Not me! Cold water hurts my teeth, gives me a headache and sometimes a stomachache.  Read the benefits of warm water in this article.

I have two different sized butt cheeks 🙂 Yep, you heard it right! They are not just a little different in size, it’s drastic! I have tried everything to even them out but something with the way my body is put together won’t allow for symmetry. I have learned to pose and stand so you can’t tell, but it’s there!

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I sincerely hope this shows you a different side of me. One that is imperfect and quirky! If you read this and can relate on any level, know that everyone is weird and that’s what makes us beautiful!

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