Taryn Marie (2)

Welcome to my space ( no pun intended) where you will find a little bit about a lot. This blog is dedicated to making you feel okay when the rest of the world is telling you to be otherwise.

I will preface this entire thing by saying, I am my Mother’s daughter. So thank her for the weirdness coming your way. We are both a jack of all trades, but masters of none. I have searched high and low to find my niche then one day realized, there it was, EVERYTHING.

Let me explain – I was under the impression that my niche had to be one definable thing, but let’s be real, that will never be me. I am in the business of getting sh%t done. And well, sh%t is messy. I have a passion for so many things. My mom used to say; you change your mind like you change your underwear… This may be TMI, but I change them 2-3 times a day. haha. Not because I need to, but because I like to. New underwear = new beginnings!

Anyways, back to my point. People come to me when they have all sorts of problems, because although I may not be an expert on that thing, I am damn good at making a list and executing a plan. If anyone of you reading know me, you know lists are my jaaaaammmm. For those who don’t, you will learn very quickly that this is my secret weapon to solving all of life’s problems.

Now that you have found yourself here, be not afraid of the path without a fancy yellow brick road! I challenge you to make your own path and I promise you will find YOUR way.

I will be sharing everything I know/do/see/feel/hate/like, etc…. My tool box is filled with some random stuff so hold on tight!

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