The 4 Lower Body Moves You Should Be Doing in the Gym


With so many fitness trends out there how do you know what to pick for a workout?! Well, I have years and years of experience in this field, personally and professionally and these are my tried and true moves that get results.

1. Squat

Learning this compound movement will be one of the best things you have ever done for your body. Start using no weight, then move to something assisted like the Smith machine, then to dumbbells or an EZ bar, then approach the free bar. This move forces you to engage every single part of your body, which makes it one of my favorite moves.

2. Hip Thrust/Glute Bridge

Again, there is a progression to mastering this move and many ways to perform based on available equipment, but it is guaranteed to work your glutes! Start by performing a glute bridge on the floor with no weight. Then move up to a bar and begin adding weight as you get stronger. Some variations are using a plate to do single leg thrusts. Rest the plate on the working hip and perform single leg, add a resistance band or perform on a stability ball. I incorporate the glute bridge in every leg day warm-up routine.

3. Cable Glute Kickback

By far my favorite accessory leg day move! It seems so simple, but the variations you can apply to this will drastically change the way your glutes look and feel!

4. Deadlifts

I feel like this move get’s so much negative attention, but if done correctly, it will improve the way your legs look. Like the other exercises I mentioned, there are so many variations for this move and it can easily be adjusted from beginner to expert. Start with zero weight and simply practice the motion of your hips being pushed back, your back remaining strong and straight, lats engaged, and feeling that stretch in your hamstrings. Once this is mastered, you can move to using dumbbells, EZ bars, free bars, etc.

All of these moves can be done with or without weights so no excuses if you can’t get to a gym! Household items can easily be used to perform them or bodyweight is always a great option.

Learn these and I promise your glutes will see a transformation!

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