Weekly Workouts 12/19 to 12/25


Leg Day

Warm Up – 5 minutes on cardio equipment of choice

4 x 12-15

Front Barbell Squat

Hack Squat

Leg Press

Leg Extensions

Farmers Walk

Wide Stance Barbell Squat

One Legged Cable Kickbacks

Back & Bicep Day

Warm up 5 minutes on any cardio equipment.


Shotgun Row

Slow Alternating Bicep Curl

Lat Pulldown, Standing

Single Arm Curls, isolated (burnout on each arm before switching)

Lawn Mowers

Banded Curls


Leg Day #2

Warm Up – 15 minutes on elliptical

2×6-8, light then 3×8-10, heavy Barbell Squat

2×8-10, light then 3×8-12, heavy Leg Press

3×10 Leg Extensions

3×8,10,12 (increase weight each set) Romanian Deadlifts

3×8,10,12 Lying Leg Curl

4×20 Standing Calf Raises

Shoulder & Tricep Day

15 minutes on Stair Master


L Raises

Seated Shoulder Press

Arnold Press

Dumbbell Front Raises

Bradford Press

Push Press

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